Hopeful Hands Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork - Feel your best!

I am very happy to offer my therapeutic services to you. Massage plays such an important role in our health and well-being, and therefore our community. Thank you for visiting my site, please contact me with any questions or concerns. 

I am a Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. What does this mean for you? It means I look beyond traditional methods of treating pain. I work with the nervous system using Trigger Point Therapy to relieve pain referrals. I may use a series of orthopedic tests to find specific causes of pain and help rule out more serious conditions. I can teach you self-care techniques you can use at home to help pro-long the improvements we make and empower you to manage your own wellness. The cause of pain is sometimes a mystery waiting to be unravelled. I am here to help you with that. 

~ Sarah Soos CMT, NMT

 You can view a complete list of my services and book your appointment online by clicking the link below:

Have a great day!
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